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Monday, June 26th

Adventure Pack

We headed back to the Baseline trail with a pit stop at the stream through the Gregory Canyon Trailhead this morning, with no bear sightings to report this time. Sputnik, Mamacita, Cooper, and Rucksack all got their paws wet and drank a little from the stream. It's nice to have more typical summer weather after the heat wave that hit last week, but the pack was still very happy to take a break in the water and shade.

Variety Pack

We walked the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Colby, Coco, and Yoda kept shuffling positions as we walked, with the outermost dog dropping back and then coming up next to me every couple minutes. When we stopped at the creek, Stella joined Coco in lying down in the water. Yoda and Thompson both pulled out as far as they could into the rushing water. Colby hopped in for a quick splash and then returned to shore along with Coco and Stella, while the boys were still trying to get out to the deepest water they could find.