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Friday, June 30th

Adventure Pack

We headed to Settler's Park and the Red Rocks Trails for our hike this morning. After crossing over the bridge on our way up, we turned down to the stream. Rucksack, Mamacita, Colby, and Sputnik all got in the water and waded around for a minute, and then they all came back to dry land of their own accord. We continued on our way and a few hikers commented on what a nice pack they were; but one time, Mamacita growled and jumped at the man who said that right after he complimented her. I had her on a pretty short leash so she didn't get anywhere, and I immediately had her sit in place to shame her for her rude response.

Variety Pack

Thompson, Stella, Coco, and Colby enjoyed a walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. After an initial flurry of sniffing and peeing where everyone else sniffed and peed, we set out at a steady pace with little interruption. It stayed pretty cool so Thompson was the only one panting and not very hard at that. Surprisingly, Coco opted to stay upright when we walked through the grass at the park, rather than indulge her usual habit of wiggling around on her back.

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