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Monday, July 3rd

Adventure Pack

Colby joined Mamacita, Rucksack, and Sputnik on our hike from the Settler's Park trail head this morning. The dogs all enjoyed getting in the stream at two different points along the way. They were all eager to hop right in, but didn't linger in the water for very long. After lapping up a little water and wading around for a minute, they all collectively decided they were done and ready for more hiking so they hopped out as decisively as they had hopped in.

Variety Pack

Isaac and Clover made the most of the kiddie pool at the park this afternoon. They both flopped back and forth in the shallow water, making sure to get as thoroughly soaked as possible. Thompson also got in for a couple minutes but he stayed upright and got his paws wet while hovering over another Husky who had his interest. Monarch and Stella kept dry and both made some friends with other dogs at the park. Stella greeted a couple small dogs, while Monarch ran around the park with a goofy gait and gained a couple playful tag-alongs on the way.

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