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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack had a slow start this morning as everyone was very interested in sniffing around. Once Ruffers, Colby, and Sputnik all fully relieved themselves, we got moving along. The dogs didn't get into the water today but we did stop by Boulder Creek at one point. Mamacita, Ruffers, Colby, and Sputnik all thoroughly explored the area, which was surprisingly empty despite the nice weather.

Variety Pack

The pack took a light hike at the CU South Campus trail loop this afternoon. Coco took up her usual position playing scout ahead of the rest of the pack, while Benny took his time and brought up the rear. Yoda bounced back and forth between lingering with Benny and exploring with Coco. Coco and Yoda splashed around together in the ditch at a few points along the way. Zoey was pulling a bit from the outset so I kept her on leash alongside Thompson and Mamacita, to work on better leash manners. By the end of the walk, she had settled into pace pretty nicely. When the dogs were back in the car after our hike, Yoda lay down with his head resting on Coco's back. Coco must really like Yoda, because she's usually pretty snippy when it comes to her personal space being invaded.

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