Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack hiked up to the Red Rocks on the way out and the way back this morning. Sputnik, Cooper, Coco, and Griff all enjoyed a dip in the stream at the far end of our hike. Coco lingered the longest in the water - only getting out when it was time to move on. Griff and Sputnik were satisfied with a quick soak and then they hopped back up onto dry land with me. Sputnik and Cooper were back at their competition to see who can leave the most scent marks. I think Sputnik took the prize today. Cooper tried to catch up during the last stretch as we walked through Eben G. Fine Park, but Sputnik went behind him and marked all the spots the Cooper did.

Variety Pack

The whole pack was eager to get into the park today, but Isaac especially so. Once inside, Ruffers immediately headed off to make friends while Thompson took his time moseying across the park, and Isaac, Chunk, and Zoey all stuck with me. There was a big, yellow Lab at the park who played with both Ruffers and Chunk. He knocked Chunk over a few times before realizing how easily Chunk was toppled with 3 legs, and then he started giving Chunk a little more space. Meanwhile, Ruffers was hopping all around him , play-bowing, and pawing at his shoulder to draw his attention. Zoey snatched up a miniature tennis ball that someone had brought to throw with their dog, and it took a while to convince her that we weren't going to play keep-away and that she needed to leave the ball for them. Thompson made his usual rounds at a leisurely pace, getting pets from all the humans he could.