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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We encountered another praying mantis this morning. This time, it was standing directly in the middle of the Baseline Trail, which we took at the outset of our hike. The dogs didn't notice it, but I fanned them out to either side and stepped carefully to avoid crushing it. We came across a couple off-leash dogs who came up to sniff hello with the pack. Mamacita and Rucksack were friendly as usual. Sputnik and Cooper, who tend to get themselves worked up sometimes, stayed calm and friendly as everyone greeted. We looped back to the base of the Chautauqua Trail and even though we were only about one third of the way through the hike, the pack really dragged up the hill - especially Cooper, who acted as the caboose of our train that slowly chugged along.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Coco, and Stella all thoroughly investigated one particular spot at Eben G. Fine Park this afternoon. Once they were satisfied, we continued on our way down the Boulder Creek Path. Colby was relatively calm despite all the people around. We made a stop at the edge of creek near the end of our walk. Coco, Colby, and Zoey enjoyed getting their feet wet while Stella lay right down in the water.