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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco played queen of the mountain when we pulled over to the side of the trail to let some other hikers pass. Sputnik, Cooper, and Griff all gathered in front of a big boulder, while Coco decided she needed to be on top of that boulder. On our way up the trail, we came across a patch of bee activity. Griff tried chomping at them as they flew by his head. Sputnik and Coco mostly just watched them intently. Cooper didn't mind them too much, but he chomped at a fly that was buzzing around him a little later on.

Variety Pack

Zoey went straight for the kiddie pool and then after a tennis ball when we arrived at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon, while Ruffers went over to say hello to the first dog and human we came by right at the entrance. Ruffers chased Zoey around a bit while Zoey fetched tennis balls. There weren't a lot of other dogs at the park, but Ruffers caught the attention of an un-neutered Pit Bull who kept following her around and trying to lay his head over her back, only to be met with by a quick spin move and sneer from Ruffers telling him to be more polite. Later on, Ruffers hopped around with a Boston Terrier and a Jack Russell mix who were mostly interested in each other. Zoey did some exploring in the shady area by the old tree stumps and continued to play lots of fetch throughout our park visit.

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