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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Cooper did a better job of containing himself this morning when dogs passed by the car. He whimpered a bit bit didn't go on a barking spree like he has been doing lately. In turn, Sputnik and Mamacita kept their cool as well. And Rucksack is always quiet. Even when excited young dogs passed by us on the trails - and one particularly anxious one growled at us - everybody walked on by without getting upset. Rucksack and Sputnik couldn't get enough water from the Camelbak when we made a rest stop, while Mamacita and Cooper each enjoyed a short drink and then were done with it.

Variety Pack

Thompson, Coco, Colby, and Stella enjoyed a walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Stella and Coco both stayed on their feet - surprisingly - without any wiggles in the grass today. Colby seemed a bit calmer than average as she wasn't bothered by bikers passing us. Thompson made frequent stops to mark places along the way, and was often joined by Stella.

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