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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Zoey joined Rucksack, Mamacita, and Sputnik on the hike this morning. She received the initiation of having her ears licked thoroughly by Rucksack during the latter part of our hike; however, her own affections were directed at Sputnik. Zoey and Sputnik licked each other's faces every so often, whenever Zoey returned to the group to check in after sniffing around in the brush with Rucksack. Mamacita went without having her own ears attended by Rucksack yet again.

Variety Pack

My wife and father-in-law joined the pack for our afternoon walk around the loop at CU South Campus this afternoon. Everyone was entertained by Zoey and Coco's antics as they raced in and out of the ditch, getting themselves drenched in muck from the belly down. Jen took charge of walking Stella. She kept her moving along as we made our way around the loop, with occasional breaks to sniff around and leave a scent mark. When we reached the final stretch of the walk, along the pond, Coco and Zoey splashed in the pond together and then raced around with a burst of energy. Mamacita wanted to join but I didn't trust her off leash, so I ran with her as she bounded along with her packmates. By that point, Stella felt she had earned a break so she lay down in the small stream that feeds the pond. After that, Stella and Coco both enjoyed a wiggle in the tall grass.

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