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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Coco licked dew from the tall grass beside the trail and nibbled a bit as they sniffed around. Rucksack gave Colby the ear-licking treatment today with much the same effect as with Mamacita yesterday.

Variety Pack

Blu and Roger Roger joined the regular pack for our afternoon jaunt along the CU South Campus trails. Ruffers payed a little more attention to Blu today and dropped into an inviting play bow for him. Blu was distracted by everything, however, and Zoey swooped in to play with Ruffers. Isaac then chased Zoey around for a bit. Roger Roger joined in to wrestle around with both Ruffers and Zoey. Thompson and Blu sat out from the flurry of playful activity. Blu was busy sniffing around. Thompson just hung out. The rest of the walk was pretty calm as we just made our way along the trails.

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