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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Colby had some fun running around the trails together. Whenever they found an interesting spot to sniff, Sputnik was quick to join them and check it out for himself. Mamacita wasn't so interested in sniffing spots along the way but she really perked up when we came upon a small herd of deer. Colby and Ruffers also quickly took notice, and Colby was off in a heartbeat. Ruffers stayed put on the trail a few paces behind me, Sputnik, and Mamacita, but she watched with intense interest while Mamacita leapt up and down and whined. Sputnik was calm but curious as he watched the deer run off. Colby didn't follow them for long and rejoined the pack about 30 seconds later, jogging up to us with a big, satisfied smile on her face, to have the leash clipped back on her.

Variety Pack

While deer were the attraction of the morning, ducks were the attraction of the afternoon. There were dozens, if not hundreds, of them along Boulder Creek and the pack all took notice. Griff was the most excited about them as he kept leaping and trying to pull me over toward them much like Mamacita this morning. The rest of the pack kept an eye on the ducks but stuck to their places as we walked the path; however, Zoey caught me by surprise when I was putting my phone in my pocket after snapping a photo of Thompson and Griff watching the ducks. In a compromised moment, she suddenly broke her calm and dove after the ducks when I didn't have a firm grip on her leash, and she proceeded to propel herself into the creek and go for a short swim after them, until she realized she couldn't catch up to them and she gave up and came back to the pack. Zoey and Coco then danced around each other for a minute and Yoda threw in a couple playful darts and dodges along with them.

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