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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff was very keen on following tracks in the snow with his nose today. Sputnik just wanted to run around. Griff joined him for some sprints but was no match for Sputnik's athleticism as Sputnik literally ran circles around him. Coco got a bit worked up watching Sputnik race around, and the two of them dodged around each other a bit whenever Sputnik came over to us. Colby was a little more aware of other hikers today and checked over her shoulder frequently whenever there was someone on the trail behind us, but she wasn't quite as jumpy about it as she has been in the past.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Ruffers, and Isaac all raced around with a few playful pups at the park this afternoon. Ruffers continued to play with that group on and off while Isaac and Zoey soon turned to tennis balls for their entertainment. Meanwhile, Thompson sniffed the dogs who passed through the center of the park and got some attention from the humans. A little later on, Thompson and Ruffers had some fun with a little Spaniel. Ruffers dropped into bows and wrestled around with the little guy. Thompson followed him around with interest, but the Spaniel felt a bit threatened by Thompson's looming size and kept barking at him. Thompson would rear back or turn his face away but then kept following him around.

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