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Friday Pack Activities

adventure Pack

With all the deer that have been around lately and recent wandering tendencies of several pack members, I decided to keep everyone on leash for out hike up to the Enchanted Mesa this morning. Rucksack, Coco, and Mamacita all chomped on some snow along the way, while Sputnik just wanted to sniff it. We were approached by exuberant off-leash dogs a couple times along the way and had friendly greetings with them. I kept Sputnik's attention when the dogs came up to us, and gave him lots of pets as he stayed calm and didn't make a peep of protest or aggression.

Variety Pack

Pack friend and park regular Molly joined the afternoon walk as she is staying with us for the weekend. She had friendly greetings with everyone in the packmobile and fell right into place when we got walking. Griff also joined our usual crew of Thompson, Colby, Stella, and Coco for the afternoon. Griff was again very interested in following tracks through the snow today. There was one set of particularly large paw prints that he zeroed in on. Colby wasn't checking over her shoulder as much today as yesterday even though there were more people around. Thompson, Coco, and Stella all just trotted nicely in place as we made our way along the Boulder Creek Path.

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