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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack and Mamacita enjoyed sniffing hello with all the dogs who passed by us on the trails at CU South Campus this morning. Coco said hello to some and grunted at others. Sputnik was a bit on edge about the dogs who came up to us so I kept him on a short leash and interrupted his attention whenever he started to fixate. When we came across a stretch without any other dogs around, Sputnik and Coco had some fun chasing each other around.

Variety Pack

Thompson, Colby, Zoey, Stella, and Coco walked the Bear Creek Path together this afternoon. Coco chewed on a bit of grass and tossed her head around playfully but stopped short of diving down for a wiggle. Stella had a bit of a limp come and go a couple times as we walked. Both times when I noticed it, I had the pack stop and I massaged her front right leg a bit (the one from which she was keeping her weight) and then she was back to a regular gait again. Thompson and Zoey were a little stubborn about wanting to keep walking when we stopped, but they eventually relented and hung out while I tended to their packmate. Colby and Coco were more accommodating and didn't mind the stops. After having been a little more on the alert side last week, Colby was back to being pretty mellow about the various joggers and bikers we passed today.

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