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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

A friendly Vizsla with a tennis ball in his mouth trotted up to the pack to sniff hello with everyone, and everyone greeted him very nicely. It was a pleasant change from Sputnik's attitude yesterday, and Coco didn't make any grumpy snorts either. Later on during our hike, Griff and Colby both seemed to become focused on something off in the distance. I looked across the field, thinking there may have been a coyote (as they have occasionally been spotted in the area), but I didn't see anything. Eventually, Colby stopped looking. Griff lingered a little longer and I did another scan but still couldn't see anything, and then Griff turned his attention back to the trail in front of us and we continued on. Whatever Colby and Griff saw, it was apparently beyond Sputnik and Coco as well, as they didn't give a second glance in that direction.

Variety Pack

Isaac followed his usual routine of playing fetch and splashing in water bowls at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Ruffers made friends with a dog who looked to be part Weimaraner and had fun running, bowing, and dodging around with him for a while. Zoey joined Isaac to chase down tennis balls. At one point, she was ambushed by Ruffers when she returned with the ball and the two of them went for a run. Thompson was mobile today and spent most of his time walking around and sniffing hello with the dogs at the park, rather than hanging out at the center of the park with the humans and waiting for the other dogs to come to him.

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