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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack was sporting a tight new 'do so he didn't collect any snowballs as we made our way along the trails this morning. Cooper barked eagerly when we arrived at the trail head and he saw the other dogs hiking. Thankfully he reined it in a bit when we got out and started hiking. Sputnik was more tolerant today when dogs came over to the pack to sniff hello, and only grumbled a little bit if they lingered while directly facing him. I was surprised that Mamacita didn't break out her patented rear-back-then-leap-forward move as we hiked through the snow today, but she just trotted along normally. Rucksack gave her a little bit of the ear treatment at the end of the hike but he got a late start so Mamacita got away only slightly dampened.

Variety Pack

My wife, Jen, and our friends, David and Heather, joined the pack for our afternoon walk around Wonderland Lake today. Thompson and Cooper were feeling especially stubborn as they did their best impressions of sled dogs with their harnesses. Blu was very interested in Cooper and kept going up behind him to get a better sniff. Cooper was not thrilled with Blu's nosiness and gave him stern retorts to try to get some space. Stella stayed out of the boys' business as she trotted along with Heather and took her time to sniff around whenever an interesting scent revealed itself along the way.

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