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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers was in a very playful mood this morning. She ran around with several different dogs we passed on the trails and made playful dodges with both Mamacita and Sputnik. Isaac walked along nicely in pace with me while his packmates danced around us.

Variety Pack

It had been pretty windy in the morning but it really picked up when we were out during the afternoon. Much of the stretches of trail that were blanketed with ice and snow in the morning were mostly clear by the time we passed the same spots a few hours later. Yoda and Coco explored the scents all along the trail this afternoon. Neither was in a particularly playful mood but both were feeling very curious and lingered at various points along the way in order to get a good whiff. Meanwhile, Thompson and Stella lingered to sniff hello with each dog with him we crossed paths.

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