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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Clover and Monarch joined the pack outing, as well as Mamacita, along with Thursday morning regulars Coco and Sputnik. We headed to the Bear Creek Path and enjoyed a nice walk. Everyone trotted along in place very well. Coco grunted a little at the few dogs we passed, but the rest of the pack just kept walking and didn't take any particular notice of them.

Variety Pack

Isaac, Stella, Thompson, and Ruffers enjoyed their own walk along the Bear Creek Path today. Stella shouldered-down into the snow briefly, but didn't go for a full wiggle. Isaac saw this and decided to go all-in, as he flopped into the snow and wiggled around on his back for a minute. Thompson and Stella both sniffed around in the snow quite a bit. Ruffers wanted to pull over to greet every dog we passed, but most of them walked on by without saying hello. She did get to have a good sniff with one dog, though. The rest of the pack just wanted to get back to walking.

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