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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Cooper, Griff, and Colby headed to the Bear Creek Path for a walk this morning. There were more bikers, joggers, and dogs being walked than there are when the variety pack heads there in the afternoons. Cooper got a bit whiny about one little dog we passed, but was otherwise calm. Sputnik didn't react to the passing dogs at all. It probably helped that they were mostly little ones who didn't strike a very intimidating visage. Colby got a bit nervous at one point when there was a lot of activity with joggers and bikers passing us both ways along the path, but she settled down as soon as the hubbub dissipated. Griff trotted along calmly beside Colby, just pulling at the leash a little bit every so often.

Variety Pack

Thompson was very interested in munching on snow as we made our way along the Boulder Creek Path this afternoon. Ruffers joined him to sniff around and nibble a bit at the powder as well. When we lingered at one spot for a while, Isaac took the opportunity to wiggle around in the snow. I though Stella would join him and for a moment she looked like she was going to, but she only rubbed her head in the snow for a moment and then stood back up and waited for her packmates to get back on the move.

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