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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We headed back to the Bear Creek Greenway this morning and saw a few dogs along the way. Sputnik and Cooper wanted to pull over to pee frequently. Griff and Colby occasionally checked out the spots their packmates marked but were far less driven about it. At one point in our walk, another dog was following a short distance behind us. Sputnik and Colby both kept checking over their shoulders until we eventually pulled over to let them pass by. Cooper hadn't taken notice of them when they were behind us but he whined when they passed. Griff was nonchalant about our shadow the whole time.

Variety Pack

Ruffers and Zoey were quick to find friends at the dog park this afternoon. They ran off with a playful group and got busy running and dodging around. Ruffers was especially interested in an unneutered Rottweiler and spent a lot of her time bowing and wiggling around in front of him. Thompson decided to forego his usual stop at the center of the park and headed over to check out Ruffers' and Zoey's friends. He wasn't as active as his packmates but he mingled and sniffed everyone he could. Isaac went straight for a tennis ball, as usual. Stella took her time sniffing along the fence when we first came in. When she stopped in place and looked around, I headed back over to her to collect her. She came running when she saw me and then stuck closer to me as we walked around the park.

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