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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita was very happy to greet Griff in the packmobile when we picked him up this morning. Griff was full of energy on the trails and raced all around. Rucksack ran alongside him for a bit and then Sputnik had a turn. Griff and Sputnik really got each other going as they bounded up and down hills and over streams in pursuit of one another. I can't quite trust Mamacita to be off leash so she stayed with me, but she was surprisingly calm while watching her packmates run around as she trotted along at my side.

Variety Pack

Today it was Cooper who led the way in marking spots along the Boulder Creek Path, while Thompson, Ruffers, and Stella were all interested in following up and sniffing around behind him. Thompson and Stella both deigned to leave their own scent marks behind most of the time, but Ruffers usually just wanted to get a whiff of the area. Cooper was in a particularly whiny mood and made a fuss each time we passed by another dog.

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