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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Rucksack's side seems to be healing well and he was full of energy this morning as he raced up and down the trails along with Ruffers. Ruffers was more than happy to give Rucksack a good run, and when he stopped she would playfully gnaw on his legs to get him going again. Mamacita jumped around in place while she watched her packmates get the lead out. At one point, Ruffers came over and wrestled around with Sputnik a bit.

Variety Pack

Thompson, Ruffers, and Stella walked the Boulder Creek Path together this afternoon. Thompson wanted to veer off to the side of the path every so often to sniff around and leave a scent mark. Ruffers and Stella weren't a demanding, but there was one spot along the way that had the two of them with their noses to the ground for a good long while.

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