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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We passed several dogs early on in our hike but then we came across a long, empty stretch of trail so I let Sputnik and Colby off along with Ruffers and Griff. Everyone had fun running through the fields beside the trail. After a running a few big loops with her packmates, Colby's attentions turned toward her nose and she decided to forego chases in favor of investigating scents. Meanwhile, Sputnik, Griff, and Ruffers were all absolutely brimming with energy and barely took a break from their play.

Variety Pack

Isaac is recovering from a cracked paw and had to take it easy today so I walked him around the park on a leash. He still found a tennis ball to carry along and he kept dropping it in the hopes I would throw it for him. Sorry Isaac - maybe Thursday. Meanwhile, Thompson followed his usual route through the park, with his usual stops to get attention from humans and greetings with all the dogs along the way. Ruffers and Zoey bounded into the park and immediately found some playmates. Later on, Zoey enjoyed sneaking into the dog fort under the old tree stump. Thompson went over and sniffed around but thought better of making any attempt to slip under the stump since he isn't quite as lithe as he used to be.

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