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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers was busy making friends along the trail this morning. Sputnik, on the other hand, was feeling ornery and sent off the dogs who came up to greet him by returning their gesture with growls. However, there was one black Lab puppy with whom he was civil as he and his packmates sniffed hello. Early on in our hike, another person walking her dogs used a whistle to call them to her, which put Mamacita on edge. She eventually settled down a bit, but when we made it back to the parking lot she was eager to hop in the car and get out of there.

Variety Pack

There were a lot of ducks on Boulder Creek this afternoon. When we stopped along the way for a photo, Zoey stared intently at them. Having learned my lesson from the last time we stopped near ducks on the Creek, I kept a firm grip on Zoey's leash while I snapped the picture. Thompson and Yoda were far less concerned with the ducks. They both just wanted to sniff around along the path and leave scent marks every now and then.

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