Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff made some playful dodges with the first couple dogs we saw at the trailhead this morning. Colby also made a move but I couldn't quite tell if she was being playful or threatening. I think it was a bit of both, and that she wanted to play but also wanted to get the message across not to make the wrong move. Sputnik didn't make any play moves, and started to grumble a bit when one of the dogs hopping around with Griff turned attention toward him. We didn't interact with any other dogs for the rest of the hike, and just trotted along the trails while I braced myself against the unexpectedly bitter gusts of wind.

Variety Pack

We walked the Boulder Creek Path and kept to the dirt walkway closer to the Creek to go easy on Isaac's healing foot pad. Ruffers was excited to say hello to some little pups we came across early on in the walk, evidenced by her quiet, high-pitched whines as we approached for a sniff. Zoey kept her eye on the ducks again today as we made our way along the Creek, while the rest of the pack took no particular notice. Thompson was looking a little looser than earlier this week and it made me wonder if he would have tried to slip under the tree stump if we had gone to the Valmont Dog Park today.