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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby and Sputnik always greet each other in the packmobile with a flurry of kisses. Being the two who are most uneasy and reactive among the pack when greeting unfamiliar dogs, it seems they feel the need to reassure each other of their familiarity through this outpouring of affection. We had a long stretch of trail without other dogs this morning, so the two of them got to run around along with Zoey and Griff. There was a bit of chasing, but the dogs mostly just moved together as a pack while they sniffed around.

Variety Pack

Isaac quickly gained a follower in a Rottweiler mix whom chased him as he chased tennis balls. Roger Roger also decided that chasing Isaac was the best way to spend his time at the park and acted accordingly. The Rottweiler mix kept a respectful distance as he followed Isaac around, but Roger Roger felt it necessary to announce his presence and enthusiasm by barking in Isaac's ear. Ruffers took note of this and started following Roger Roger around to interrupt his barking with her own scolding barks. So Isaac spent much of our park visit with a train of dogs in his wake. Mamacita and Thompson spent most of their time sniffing around the park; however, Mamacita did break into some dodging and running around with her packmates at one point. Thompson climbed around on the old tree stumps but made no attempt to venture underneath them. He was eventually joined by his packmates, who were curious about their packmate's exploration.

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