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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff had a blast running around and greeting all the dogs on the trails when we first set out this morning. Sputnik mostly kept calm while Colby and Mamacita sniffed hello with the dogs who came up to us, but he did start to growl a bit at one dog who lingered and stared at him a little too long. After passing a lot of dogs, the trails were empty for a while, so Sputnik and Colby got to run around off leash with Griff. Sputnik and Griff played a bit, but Colby quickly turned to sniffing around in the brush.

Variety Pack

Today was very similar to Tuesday, with Isaac playing fetch while Roger Roger and another dog followed him, and Ruffers kept an eye on Roger Roger to school him whenever he got out of line and made a fuss at Isaac; However, the lot of them were also joined by Zoey, who - despite her enthusiasm - had trouble chasing down any tennis balls for herself due to her impaired vision as a result of her poofy new coat from being treated to the groomer earlier this week. Thompson found a lot of Husky friends at the park today and lingered at their sides in the course of his usual route through the park.

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