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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik discovered a stick along the side of the trail this morning and spent a while sniffing and poking around it. After thoroughly checking it out, Sputnik left it behind and Rucksack swiftly scooped it up and then carried it along for the rest of the hike. Mamacita was in a better mood today and hopped around playfully in the snow as we went. Ruffers ran around with Rucksack and Sputnik, and she was eager to make friends with all the dogs we passed along the way. At one point, she flopped down in the snow for a good wiggle.

Variety Pack

Thompson and Zoey both thoroughly enjoyed chomping on snow beside the path we walked this afternoon. Coco and Yoda sniffed around in the snow at my other side but didn't partake in the snow buffet. Roger Roger grabbed a few bites along the way but not with the gusto of Zoey and Thompson. Zoey had a burst of playful energy and was joined by Coco and Roger Roger in leaping around in the snow together for a few minutes.

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