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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Mamacita got to hop around with her packmates for a bit as they played along the trail and stuck close-by enough that she could get in on the fun while still being on her leash. Sputnik was a little pushy throwing his weight around but Coco didn't let him get away with it and stood her ground until he started respecting her space. His moves eventually switched from launching himself at Coco to making playful hops and dodges at a short distance to entice Coco into coming after him. Later on in the hike, we came across a trio of Labradoodles. One was especially friendly and playful. Rucksack and Coco both enjoyed running up and down the trail with him.

Variety Pack

Thompson insisted on walking through the snow much of the time during our walk along the Boulder Creek Path, and he gently scooped snow up into his mouth every few paces. Roger Roger, Stella, Coco, and Isaac all sniffed around in the snow a bit, but they generally kept to the path when we were on the move.

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