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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The trail was serene and tranquil this morning. Perhaps the tone was set for the pack when I took my time carefully stepping over the icy stretch of trail up the hill to Shanahan Ridge from the Cragmoor Connector. When they were let off leash, Ruffers and Sputnik both stuck close by. Mamacita followed along right in pace with me, as usual. We took our time as the dogs all sniffed their way down the trail. It was only during the final stretch back down to the trail head when Ruffers and Sputnik broke out into a bit of running and chasing through the snow.

Variety Pack

Benny and Oliver joined the pack for our walk along the Bear Creek Path this afternoon. Benny, Zoey, and Thompson were all a bit stubborn about where they wanted to go and sniff, and often in different directions from each other. Oliver was just along for the ride and only occasionally followed up on what his packmates were sniffing - usually when everyone congregated over a spot that they all agreed was of interest. Coco was back at the grass-wiggling today, and took several opportunities to have at it while her packmates sniffed around.

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