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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco found a big branch beside the trail with lots of twigs to snap off, and she had fun going to work on it. Meanwhile, Griff enjoyed bounding through the snow. Later on, Colby took a turn off leash and raced around in loops. She had fun leaping over a ditch that ran alongside the trail. At the end of our hike, Sputnik renewed his efforts to win Colby's attention by pawing at her and bowing in front of her, and was similarly ignored today as Tuesday.

Variety Pack

Benny was very excited to greet a Golden Retriever named Digby at the dog park this afternoon. He galloped over and play-bowed all around him; However, Digby was more interested in chasing after Isaac and Zoey while they fetched tennis balls. Ruffers played the ambush game with Zoey and burst into chases and tackles when Zoey returned with her ball. Later on, Isaac made friends with a white Boxer and ran around with him for a bit. Thompson greeted a 7-month old pup who really drew his interest. Thompson made a few playful hops and chest-butts, and hovered around his new little buddy for a while before we headed out.

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