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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco, Sputnik, Griff, and Colby hiked Shanahan Ridge together this morning. We encountered a few other dogs along the way. Most of them just passed by but a chocolate Lab stopped to greet Griff and Colby while Coco and Sputnik stayed at my far side. Colby rushed up to the Lab with a little snarl at first, but the Lab didn't react to her and then they just sniffed hello.

Variety Pack

Zoey found a soccer ball at the park this afternoon and I kept her entertained by kicking it around for her to chase. Ruffers started eyeing her and then dove in to steal the ball away once. Isaac had some competition in fetch from a cute little herding-breed ball thief who actually beat him to it a couple times when my throw wasn't quite on the path he had anticipated. Thompson headed to the south end of the park earlier than usual today. While we were there, Isaac flopped around in a big puddle at the water spigot. Thompson eventually made his way back to the center pad to get some love from the humans sitting around at the picnic tables there. Ruffers took a liking to a Pit Bull later on and played with him a bit while Zoey and Isaac continued to enjoy playing with their respective balls of choice.

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