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Wednesday Pack Activity

Adventure Pack

Griff joined the pack for our hike at Shanahan Ridge this morning. We have had a lot of calm, quiet hikes in the area lately and today was the same. Sputnik and Ruffers stuck close to the trail when they were off leash together, and they favored sniffing over playing. Mamacita and Griff kept by my side on leash. We made a few stops to explore points of interest early on but then went the rest of the hike at a steady pace with few pauses.

Variety Pack

Yoda, Zoey, Coco, and Thompson all explored in the brush at the eastern end of the pond at the CU South Campus trail loop this afternoon. After everyone got their fill, we continued on our way around the loop. Yoda, Coco, and Zoey took turns lingering behind to sniff more thoroughly at various points in rotation, while Thompson trotted along at my side on the leash. We had a couple friendly encounters on the trail, and at one point Yoda seemed like he was ready to ditch the rest of us to join up with a pair of dogs passing the other way; but he eventually turned back to us and caught up.

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