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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby, Coco, and Sputnik were all eager to drink some water when we stopped at a couple points along the way today. When we stopped for the second time and I posed the question, "Thirsty?" Coco spun around so quickly - licking her lips in anticipation - that I knew she was. After giving Coco her fill, I snapped a photo of Colby preparing for a squirt from the CamelBak spout. Griff was again not interested in taking any water during the hike today.

Variety Pack

Thompson, Zoey, Isaac, Ruffers, and Mamacita made a short stop at my place before heading to Bear Creek for a walk this afternoon. When we stopped by the house, everyone ran out into the yard to relieve themselves and sniff around a bit, and then they all quickly made themselves at home when I let them inside, with Mamacita wasting no time before hopping into her preferred spot in the nest sofa. On the walk, Thompson and Zoey were stubborn in their insistence on pulling over to the side as we went. Isaac followed in place right behind me as he always does on leash. Mamacita and Ruffers didn't pull but took the opportunity to sniff around in the grass whenever we slowed down or hung out at a spot along the way.

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