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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers and Sputnik sniffed around off the leash together. They didn't really chase each other around, though Sputnik tried to stir up some play by racing past Ruffers a few times. Ruffers didn't take the bait and just kept along at an easy pace. We came across the skeletal remains of a deer that wasn't far off the trail. Sputnik headed off and didn't come back when I called him. When I went over to get his attention, his nose was glued to the ground, and Mamacita and Ruffers started sniffing around with great focus. There were small patches of fur scattered all around, and I saw the skeleton (spine and skull) about 10 yards up the hill from where Sputnik was investigating. I'll be keeping that in mind when we pass by that stretch of trail in the future.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Coco both fetched tennis balls at the park this afternoon. Well, fetch isn't quite the right word - they chased down tennis balls that I threw for them and occasionally found it suitable to bring them back to my vicinity. Meanwhile, Thompson saw a couple Husky friends, Rocky and Anana, and their mom, who was very happy to give him lots of love. After their greetings, Thompson headed to the south end of the park to sniff around the old tree stumps. Zoey and Coco followed us that way and continued to chase down the balls I found to throw for them.

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