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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We came across a friendly dog with brindle fur who greeted the pack with such deference that Sputnik didn't even raise a lip as everyone sniffed hello. Later on, Coco went for a wiggle in the dirt and dead grass while Mamacita and Sputnik hovered around her. We crossed paths with a fellow traveler who is often on the same trails as us and used to hike with his Golden Retriever, who passed away some years ago. Sputnik, Rucksack, Coco, and Mamacita were all happy to say hello. Rucksack was especially happy and kept leaning against him and tried to follow him in the other direction.

Variety Pack

Clover and Monarch joined Stella, Coco, and Zoey for a light hike at the CU South Campus trail loop this afternoon. Zoey splashed around in the ditch while the rest of us kept to the trail above. The dogs were eager to say hello to the many other canines who were out for a walk, including another Golden Retriever + Bernese Mountain Dog pairing. Coco had her fill of wiggling around on her back this morning, and stayed upright throughout the walk. Stella followed along right behind me like a good little trooper.

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