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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby kept dunking her head into the snow as we made our way up the Cragmoor Connector to Shanahan Ridge this morning. Sputnik and Griff made several stops to sniff around and pee on things. Once off the leash, Griff enjoyed racing up and down the trail. Coco went and found trees to rub against in her coat, which is already compromised with several tears from similar treatment on previous hikes. On the final stretch, Sputnik started pawing at Colby and play-bowing around her. When we got back to the packmobile, he licked her ears while I wiped snow from everyone's legs and paws.

Variety Pack

Thompson was in his element today as he wandered the park through the snow. Isaac, on the other hand, couldn't keep track of his tennis balls and kept losing them when they landed in the snow. Zoey did a better job of hunting for tennis balls in the snow but she prefers to play keep-away, so I entertained Isaac with some snowballs instead. Ruffers, Isaac, and Zoey chased each other around a bit. When Isaac and Zoey turned to their search for tennis balls, Ruffers went off to join in with some other dogs who were playing. Isaac saw a Golden Retriever he knows named Buddy and his human, Bryan, and followed them around while Zoey competed with Buddy to chase down a frisbee.