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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was pretty quiet again today, but we did come across a few other dogs on the Mesa Trail. Ruffers went over to sniff hello with the first, little dog we passed. Sputnik and Mamacita stuck by me on their leashes. Later on, the pack stayed chill while another passing dog jumped around and barked a bit as they went by. Sputnik has been handling himself much better in situations like that lately.

Variety Pack

Thompson lingered at the entrance to the Foothill Dog Park while Yoda, Coco, Zoey, and Mamacita followed me for a lap. Thompson eventually decided to come join us so I slowed down and threw tennis balls for Coco and Zoey until he caught up. A little while later, Coco and Mamacita both wiggled around in the grass a bit. The park was quiet as we walked around it during the first half of our visit. There was just one small dog who hung out around the pack for a bit when our paths around the perimeter crossed. Later on, several more dogs showed up. Yoda took an interest in a grey, speckled Great Dane named Luna and he followed her around while Thompson and Zoey both hung out around Luna's human. Meanwhile, Coco chased down tennis balls and Mamacita surveyed the park. Zoey had a ball of her own but she was more interested in playing keep-away.