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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik and Coco chomped on the snow bank at the Chautauqua trail head when we set out for our hike this morning. Griff and Colby went off leash together and they each went for a run, but they weren't on the same page and took their runs separately and in different directions. Near the end of our hike, Griff and Coco made friends with a Greyhound who had coloring similar to Griff's. Sputnik tried to rush up to the Greyhound but without any unfriendly noises. I still kept him with me because I don't want him to be in the habit of pulling to other dogs whether he's friendly or not, but we lingered for a moment and I rewarded him with some pets and water from the CamelBak.

Variety Pack

Coco, Ruffers, Isaac, Zoey, and Mamacita all hung around me while I talked to Melissa, the nice old lady who got knocked over last week. Thompson was on his own schedule and headed for the concrete pad as usual. Melissa is getting around all right but there is some damage to her knee. When she left, I walked the perimeter of the park with the pack. They all followed me except for Thompson, who was occupied with saying hello to people at the center of the park. Isaac, Coco, and Zoey all played some fetch. When we got to the south end of the park, Ruffers, Mamacita, and Zoey investigated the scents all around the old tree stump. We then went to the center of the park to meet back up with Thompson, and we all hung around there for a bit before heading out.

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