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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

While Sputnik and Coco were off leash and Coco was up ahead of the pack, Sputnik decided it was a good idea to race up and give her a check as he bolted by. Unfortunately for Sputnik, Coco stopped and looked over her shoulder when she sensed his approach, just as Sputnik came upon her, and he ended up clipping his left shoulder against her butt. He was sprinting full speed and ended up launching forward over a boulder and tumbling into a bush. Luckily, he didn't impale himself on any branches, but he was a little stiff for the remainder of the hike. Coco barely moved from the impact. It reminded me of the wood chipper scene in the movie "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil". Meanwhile, Rucksack was in the mood to pull on the leash and do his own thing today, so we kept stopping so I could draw him back to walk at my side with Mamacita (and with Coco and Sputnik when they were on leash, too).

Variety Pack

Mamacita didn't want to get up from her spot in the back of the packmobile when we were setting out for our walk this afternoon. I tried a few tugs on the leash to get her moving, but she was very resistant. I was amazed when Coco recognized what was going on, went over to Mamacita, nudged her in the butt with her nose, and snorted at her to tell her to move. That did the trick - thanks Coco! Zoey and Coco were both eager to get going. Once we were moving, Mamacita didn't resist anymore and we had a pleasant walk around Wonderland Lake.

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