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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack were all very interested in sniffing around in the vicinity of the trail head again this morning, as yesterday's pack was. After lingering there for a while, we headed for the Mesa Trail, where Coco and Griff wandered around off leash together. They didn't run around much - only to catch up if they fell behind while sniffing around somewhere. Colby and Sputnik stayed on leash because there were a lot more hikers both human and canine than there had been last week. Colby is still the most alert member of the pack, and turns to asses any unusual noise in the distance; however, she hasn't been obsessing over it even when it's someone following behind us - she just glances to see what's up and then falls back into pace with her packmates.

Variety Pack

Pack irregular Ruby joined us at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. She wandered all around to sniff hello with the many dogs who were present. Zoey went off to do the same. Meanwhile, Isaac played lots of fetch, as usual. Thompson got some love from humans at the center pad. Ruffers found a playful, young Pit Bull to wrestle around with and she kept mounting him until he would flop down on the ground and a third playmate would dive in to tease him.

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