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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

There was a whole lot of sniffing going on. After yesterday's packs took a break from scent research, today's packs were back at it with vigor. Griff, Coco, Sputnik, and Colby all wanted to spend a long while sniffing around by the trailhead. Once we got moving, we still made frequent stops as the pack were insistent about giving a more thorough examination to various points along the way. There were deer running around in the woods by the Mesa Trail so I kept the pack all on leash for the day to keep them out of trouble.

Variety Pack

The nose party continued this afternoon. Our variety pack members weren't as zealous as their morning counterparts, but what they lacked in avidity they made up for in organization. At one point, Thompson, Zoey, Coco, Isaac, Ruffers, and Ruby all wanted to sniff the same tree together. Coco and Zoey also entertained themselves at one point by sharing a branch to chew on until they had both broken it apart.

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