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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby and Sputnik sniffed along beside the trail as we hiked this morning. Sputnik got caught up in the smells and tried to drag us off course a few times. At one point, Colby had the misfortune of going to sniff a spot after Sputnik, just as Sputnik raised his leg to mark said spot. I pulled her out of the way almost in time to dodge it, and used some water from the CamelBak to rinse off the ear that got tagged. Meanwhile, Coco and Griff weren't particularly interested in sniffing and just trotted along at my side as we made our way to the Enchanted Mesa and back.

Variety Pack

Ruffers found several friends to hop around with at the dog park this afternoon. Zoey found a broken tennis ball to chew on and carry around with her. Isaac played plenty of fetch, as usual. When we headed to the south end of the park, Zoey switched things up and chewed on a stick instead. Isaac flopped around in the puddle that has formed over the drain by the water spigot. Ruffers made some playful moves with Zoey when Zoey wasn't busy chewing apart her stick.

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