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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco started off our hike with a wiggle in the grass right as we got onto the trail. Today, it was Griff who found himself in the splash zone when he moved in to sniff at a spot just as Sputnik marked it. After I rinsed off his head with some water from the CamelBak, Griff shook it off and didn't go in for any more sniffs behind Sputnik for the rest of the hike. There was a large presence of ranger and fire rescue vehicles around the Bluebell Road shelter at the Chautauqua this morning. The whole pack was curious about what was going on and monitored the parked vehicles as we passed by the area. Colby was predictably the most curious as her gaze darted rapidly around the scene. Later, on our way back down the trail, some hikers stopped to admire the pack and Sputnik went straight over to get some pets while the rest of the pack hung out and waited to continue on.

Variety Pack

Zoey, Ruffers, and Isaac walked the Bear Creek Path together this afternoon. It was a quiet afternoon, with just the occasional biker passing by us. Zoey has been employing the stop-in-place technique that our old packmate Benny often used when a scent caught his fancy and he wanted to investigate or possibly relieve himself. I mostly let her do her thing, but there was one time when she stopped just a few paces after another stop where she just relieved herself, so I gave her a little tug to keep moving and she quickly relented. Ruffers and Isaac are less stubborn, more opportunistic sniffers who are happy to explore a spot when we stop, but don't insist on it.

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