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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It was nice out for our morning hike. Sputnik chased Rucksack around through the snowy fields while Mamacita watched. Mamacita tossed her head around playfully and hopped in place in response to her packmates' move as they ran with each other. Later on in the hike, we passed by an old Lab and everyone sniffed hello with friendly demeanors.

Variety Pack

Snow was coming down in big, clumpy flakes by the time we set out for our afternoon walk at the CU South Campus trails. The trails were slick with mud and I had to take care with my footing as Rucksack and Zoey kept pulling ahead while Thompson kept pulling off to the side. At least Coco and Roger Roger stuck by me and trotted along dutifully at my side. While making our way through the snow and mud, we came across a wandering dog who came up and sniffed hello with the pack. Coco was a bit standoffish with him, but Thompson was happy to say hello and Zoey started dropping into play bows to express her desire to play. We hung around for a while as I tried to get hold of him and see if he had a contact number among his tags. Eventually, a neighbor of his who recognized him came by with her own dog and took him off my hands. Before we parted ways, Rucksack found a stick to carry and both of the other dogs decided to help him out with it by grabbing onto the ends and trotting alongside him.

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