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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We found a small clearing with untouched snow where the pack had a lot of fun. Griff and Coco chased each other around and around. Sputnik and Coco bowed and dodged around one another. Colby shouldered down into the snow and plowed through it. It was a fun time for everyone!

Variety Pack

Isaac, Zoey and Roger Roger all played fetch at the park this afternoon. Rucksack had a tennis ball in his mouth but he never dropped it, so I never threw it for him - he just ran alongside his packmates as they chased after their own tennis balls. Roger Roger barked at Isaac a bit, but he listened pretty well when I called to him to stop being a nuisance. Thompson kept on the move for the whole park visit, since there was no one was hanging around the concrete pad at the center of the park to give him attention and keep him occupied there. Zoey dropped her tennis ball down under the old tree stump and then crawled inside to recover it. Mamacita was in a lively mood and had fun racing around with Zoey. Isaac and Roger Roger also joined in for a couple runs.

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