Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We lingered for a long while at a spot in the field about 30 feet from the trailhead, while Griff, Colby, Coco, and Sputnik all set out on a thorough investigation of the area. Once we eventually got moving again, Sputnik still stopped several times along the first stretch of trail; however, his packmates were ready to start hiking. Colby joined Sputnik to check out the first couple stops, but then she was ready to get moving as well. When we came by a fallen, uprooted tree a while later, everyone decided it was worth a pause to sniff around. Later on, Sputnik and Colby ran around off leash together briefly. At one point, Sputnik came charging back over to Coco, Griff, and me after disappearing down beyond the crest of a hill. He came so fast and close that when Coco attempted a playful, dodgy move, they clipped shoulders and Coco got knocked onto her butt. She was okay, but Sputnik went back on the leash after that for acting so recklessly.

Variety Pack

Isaac found himself a tennis ball as soon as we entered the park. Zoey took her time and greeted other dogs first, but made up for it by gathering up a cache of them under a boulder fort. Thompson was up and on the move for most of our park visit. Mamacita danced around a little with some playful dogs, but didn't commit herself to any big runs. She enjoyed wiggling around in the grass in front of Thompson for a while.