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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Yoda and Isaac joined Sputnik and Mamacita on the Chautauqua trails this morning. The wind was blowing in strong gusts that sometimes threatened to sweep a foot out from under me mid-step, but the pack didn't seem too perturbed. Sputnik made frequent stops to leave scent marks along the way and Isaac had the misfortune of going in for a sniff just at the wrong moment. A lot of packmates have suffered the same fate when sniffing around with Sputnik. I immediately rinsed him off with some water from the CamelBak. Yoda and Mamacita hiked along side-by-side at a steady pace. They weren't as interested in sniffing around as their packmates, and thus avoided any pee-related mishaps.

Variety Pack

Coco took several opportunities to wiggle in the grass today. One such opportunity was when I was about to snap a photo of her with Zoey and Griff. When Coco went for it, Zoey backed off in anticipation of the wild flailing. Griff didn't mind Zoey leaning on him as she did her best to give Coco a wide berth. Benny took his time on the walk and set a very casual pace for the pack, which Oliver had no trouble keeping up with.