Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco found a stick as soon as she hopped out of the packmobile this morning. She picked it up, chewed on it, and tossed it around a bit while Mamacita watched her with interest. I thought Rucksack might be inspired by his packmate's find, but he didn't seek out any sticks when he was off leash today. He just sniffed around along with Sputnik. At one point, he wandered off for a minute and then met us a short way down the trail. Sputnik stayed close. When Sputnik first went off leash, Mamacita tried to race him. Unfortunately the race was rigged because she was still on leash.

Variety Pack

Coco found another stick on our afternoon walk along the Bear Creek Path. She chewed on it while posing with the rest of the pack for a photo. The path runs between the creek and the backyards of houses, and there was one property we passed earlier on, set about 5 feet above the level of the path, with an unlatched gate that sporadically clanged in the wind. This caused Zoey to just about jump out of her fur the first time it happened, just as we passed below. Stella, unfazed by (and likely unaware of) the sound, decided that a particular patch of grass growing out of a crack at the side of the path - straight below the gate - needed a thorough sniff. Zoey continued to leap and look around with concern each time the gate swung to while we waited for our senior pack member to finish her examination. Yoda, Griff, Coco, and Isaac all stood idly by, neither interested in Stella's grass patch nor particular concerned with the swinging gate. I tried to point the gate out to Zoey but I think it was too hard to see from dog-height over the retaining wall, and she wasn't reassured. Who knows what kind of monster was lurking in her imagination?