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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco still harasses Rucksack whenever Rucksack jumps out of the packmobile behind her at the outset of our hikes. As soon as he hops out, she barrages him with a brief flurry of face-to-face pokes and prods. Rucksack never reacts to her pushy nonsense. I tend to let Rucksack out first so he can avoid it, but sometimes - as today - it slips my mind, and Coco is ready to take advantage of the opportunity to bug her old buddy. Sputnik didn't need to make quite as many stops to leave his mark today, but Mamacita wanted to pull over to sniff around nonetheless.

Variety Pack

Stella, Roger Roger, Isaac, Zoey, and Coco all had a pleasant walk at the CU South Campus trails this afternoon. A light sprinkle came and went as we made our way under gray skies. The ladies were the ones most interested in pulling over to sniff around, while Isaac and Roger Roger were in full follow mode.

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